Eyes on my First NFT - iVISION - iLOVE & iHOPE

The 24 day auction of iVISION is now live on OpenSea
I’m excited to share my first foray into the NFT world with iVISION - iLOVE & iHOPE under my iMV NFT profile. A couple of months ago I didn't even know what an NFT was and since then I have learned so much. NFT’s are an exciting new way of appreciating, collecting and selling art. 
In this one of a kind animated version, I was able to combine my vision of the two eyes that I painted into one, and with each blink of the eye, you see LOVE and then HOPE.
I painted Eyes of Love and Hope in 2020, during the first Covid lockdown and wanted to create a vision for what I see. It's a self portrait really, based on my eyes and my outlook. Do you see what I see? love, hope, unity? Influenced by Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE and HOPE series which became a symbol of unity during the turmoil of the 1960's, it seemed fitting to re-use his symbols to empower us through this tumultuous time and envision Love, Hope and Unity for all.
This artwork is one of one, one animated version. The physical paintings of Love & Hope, each eye on a 30" round canvas, are also available for sale (See Below). Contact Michelle
With a piece of crypto art, everyone can see it, but only one person can own it. When you buy an NFT, you get a one of a kind digital artwork issued by the artist, that you hold in your Ethereum wallet. The owner of the NFT can sell it, and each time it is sold, the artist/creator gets a (10% standard) commission from the sale. 
The 24 day auction of iVISION is now live on OPENSEA.io 
For you NFT collectors, I am working on creating more NFTs to add to my iMV collection so stay tuned.
Originally painted by Michelle Vella in 2020, Professionally scanned and digitized in 2020, Digitally animated by Michelle Vella in 2021.
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