Zoom Freddie Mercury, “Queen”, Original Painting Available
Zoom Freddie Mercury, “Queen”, Original Painting Available

Freddie Mercury, “Queen”, Original Painting Available


ORIGINAL AVAILABLE INQUIRE AT info@michellevella.com  

Year: 2019
Medium/Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 40”x40”

Fit for royalty! Freddie  Mercury, Queen’s frontman, is presented with his iconic tank top and studded arm band for his infamous Live Aid 1985 performance.  He is set off against a harlequin diamond pattern background, that not only reflects his early days penchant for black and white, but also rather befitting for this fashion and rock icon; as the Harlequin word was used to describe the flamboyant, witty,(or bigger-than-life) costumed entertainers of 16th century Italian opera.  

Take a closer look at his tank top, and your eye will be drawn to a red crown, that represents the name of the band and the crown he wore at one of his concerts.  An even closer look at his white tank top will reveal signature tracks, from ballads, to metal to pop rock.

The “Q” from the Mercury designed Queen logo accentuates his alluring wide big eyes. Freddie Mercury, depicted in his regal glory as one of the world's most versatile and engaging performers!  An unabashed rock star!