Zoom Frida Kahlo, “I have wings”, Original Painting Available
Zoom Frida Kahlo, “I have wings”, Original Painting Available

Frida Kahlo, “I have wings”, Original Painting Available


ORIGINAL AVAILABLE INQUIRE AT info@michellevella.com  

Year: 2019
Medium/Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 48”x48”

Michelle presents Frida Kahlo with many attributes of her colourful life. One of her most defining moments, was a bus accident at 28 years old, leaving Kahlo unable to walk for three months.  Exhibiting a profound interest in art since childhood, Kahlo channeled her pain. She designed a specially-made easel that enabled her to paint in bed, and a mirror placed above it so she could see herself. Self-portraits and portraits of others became her most common subject matter.

It is a self-portrait of Frida, wearing a steel corset-makes, in the image of an Ionic column, that takes place the of her broken spine, that inspired this painting, titled, “I Have Wings.”  

Frida lived in the shadow of her bigger-than-life spouse, prominent Mexican painter, Diego Rivera, who she shared a volatile and passionate relationship with, reflected in Michelle’s heart shape portrait of him, her tears and her scissors she used to shorn her hair.  

Take a closer look and you will also find metaphoric attributes that reflects her own growth, passion and pain.  

An imagery with roots growing out of her body to tie her to the ground also speaks to her theme of personal growth.