Zoom Jean Michel Basquiat, “King”, Original Painting
Zoom Jean Michel Basquiat, “King”, Original Painting

Jean Michel Basquiat, “King”, Original Painting


Year: 2019
Medium/Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 48”x48”

Extracting significant pieces of works from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s portfolio, Michelle Vella renders a poignant tribute on canvas, to one of the most revolutionary artists of the 1980s. He created images that honour black men as kings and saints. With his signature recurring motif – the crown or sometimes a halo– Basquiat recognizes the majesty of his heroes, groundbreaking athletes, musicians and writers.

At first glance you may be drawn to his sultry eyes, punctuated with his iconic crowns.  Take a closer look at his tousled black hair, and his narrative continues, with biographic words, like SAMO©, Warhol, graffiti, New York and iconic images.  What more do you see?

Channeling Basquiat, Michelle is referencing many of his ideas through his symbols, images and text that challenges its viewers to think a bit more critically about the world around them.