Zoom Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “Notorious RBG”, Original Painting

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “Notorious RBG”, Original Painting


Year: 2019
Medium/Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 40”x40”

"Why are you at Harvard Law School, taking the place of a man?" A question asked of the diminutive Ruth Bader Ginsburg and another 8 women, all enrolled in a class of about 500 men!  

Her petite stature, nor her gender ever discouraged this accomplished lawyer, and second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, or to continue to fight for herself and others, hence, Michelle Vella rendering her dressed in a RBG monogrammed suit of armour made of steel and an “S” for super woman, for this warrior of gender equality.

Your eye is then drawn to the gavel she firmly clenches in her left hand, echoed again in the pupils of her eyes.  And a pair of “the Scales of Justice” earrings, to complete this ensemble of this tiny but mighty woman.

Take a closer look at the colourful background, and one will read many perfectly chosen words to better understand the Notorious RBG.