Zoom Salvador Dalí, “Self-proclaimed Genius”, Original Painting
Zoom Salvador Dalí, “Self-proclaimed Genius”, Original Painting

Salvador Dalí, “Self-proclaimed Genius”, Original Painting


Year: 2019
Medium/Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas
Dimensions: 48”x48”

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings,” ~ Salvador Dalí

His  S & D monogrammed eyes draws you in to the world of Salvador Dali.  His signature flamboyant moustache makes him instantly recognizable.  

Dali!  A Catalina born artist.  Leader of the Surrealist movement.  A genius? Most likely. Eccentric? Most definitely!  Boring? Never!  

He is just a phone call away with his  “Lobster Telephone” sculpture, titled Aphrodisiac Telephone, beside him.  A sculpture that became a popular symbol of Surrealist art.  As did his images of melting pocket watches, set in landscape settings, titled “Persistence of Memory.”  Perhaps a reminder to all that time is not rigid and everything is destructible?

From his big red lip sofa, to his primary muse and wife, Gala to his tie that appears to be making a reference to the splitting atom, post Hiroshima, Michelle creates a descriptive narrative, befitting this self-proclaimed genius.