Published in Italy's National Newspaper Courier della Sera, COOK Magazine

Michelle Vella's portraits 15 Portraits of WIF

Published in Italy's National Newspaper March 28, 2024


I'm thrilled to announce my latest commission of 15 portraits showcasing the incredible Women in Food (WiF) is now gracing the cover and pages of COOK magazine, released with Italy’s national newspaper, Corriere della Sera. You can also find this special feature spread across newsstands nationwide in Italy and online here. It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with the dynamic team at Cook, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the inspiring women profiled. These portraits are not just images; they are stories of passion, dedication, and culinary excellence. 
"Fifteen stories of passion and commitment. Fifteen life choices that have made as many women free and proud, especially when it came to going against the tide. Chefs, journalists, food writers, entrepreneurs, winemakers, scientists, managers, hotel professionals: here are the women of the year in food, wine, and hospitality industry as selected by the editorial team at Cook." ~ by REDAZIONE COOK
Catch a glimpse of this vibrant celebration here
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