A Wine Inspired Abstract Painting

Happy New Year!

As we usher in a season of fresh beginnings and renewed aspirations, I am thrilled to announce the release of a new print, a testament to an exciting new phase in my artistic journey. This work, inspired by a recent Instagram collaboration with the esteemed Napa Valley winery, Orin Swift, marks a significant shift from my well-known big eyes style in painting celebrity icons to the captivating world of abstract art.

With this collaboration, I was to create a painting inspired by Orin Swift Abstract. The inspiration for this change came from legendary winemaker and artist Dave Phinney's approach to designing the label for Orin Swift Abstract. Phinney's creative process involved compiling cutouts from magazines worldwide, creating a collage that narrated a story through varied images. This method resonated with me, sparking the idea to experiment with abstract art directly inspired by Phinney’s Abstract design.
In this creation, I've attempted to encapsulate the rich palette of Orin Swift's wine. The artwork is imbued with colors that evoke the essence of blackberry, chocolate brownie, plum, and boysenberry, reflecting the distinctive tasting notes of the wine. This piece is a fusion of Phinney's imaginative collage technique and elements from my signature style, notably the use of big eyes, blending these influences to create a unique artistic interpretation.
As we look forward to the year ahead, I invite you to join me in embracing change and finding beauty in new experiences. May this year be filled with inspiration, creativity, and joy for all of us.
Watch the full creative journey that we shared on Instagram HERE

"Trying something new, inspired by Orin Swift Abstract. 🍷 Legendary winemaker and artist Dave Phinney created the label for this delectable wine by pulling together cutouts of magazine images that spoke to him. Today, I’m working on my own abstract piece, inspired by the label and sumptuous tasting notes of the wine such as blackberry, chocolate brownie, plum and boysenberry. #OrinSwiftAbstract is available in limited quantities at the LCBO now. Pick up a bottle and treat yourself to liquid art this holiday season! Comment below how you’ll be enjoying Orin Swift Abstract, and let me know if you want to see more abstract art." 🎨  @LuxeVins #OrinSwift 

"Join me for a day in the life of an artist. While I’m best known for painting celebrity icons in my signature big eyes style, as an artist, I can find inspiration anywhere.
When legendary winemaker and artist Dave Phinney was designing the label for Orin Swift Abstract, he compiled cutouts of magazines from all over the world and made a collage comprised of images that spoke to him. His creativity and commitment to creating world-class wine is my inspiration today, as I paint my own abstract piece. For this painting, I’m bringing the tasting notes of Orin Swift Abstract to life, by using tones of blackberry, chocolate brownie, plum, and boysenberry. This wine is truly a work of art in its own right, and it’s what I’ll be sipping and gifting this holiday season. A limited number of bottles are hitting shelves now across the LCBO. Treat yourself to liquid art and pick up a bottle while they are available!"