Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you don't see the answer in my FAQ's please click the CHAT button to get in touch or send me an email at info@michellevella.com

Q: What are the paper sizes of your prints?

A: My prints are sized by their image size and each print has a border with a few exceptions: see below

Print & Paper Sizes & Editions Chart:


10" x 10" Print is on 12" x 12" paper with 250 Limited Editions

16" x 16" Print is on 20" x 20" paper with 100 Limited Editions

20" x 20" Print is on 24" x 24" paper with 100 Limited Editions

30" x 30" Print is on 34" x 34" paper with 50 Limited Editions

36" x 36" Print is on 40" x 40" paper with 50 Limited Editions

40" x 40" Print is on 44" x 44" paper with 50 Limited Editions

44" x 44" Print is on 48" x 48" paper with 50 Limited Editions

Prints have a 2" border except the 10x10's which have a 1" border

example of a print and border

Exceptions & Notes:

  • Print sizes are the image size, add a 2" border on all 4 sides (so +4") to get the paper size, 10x10's have a 1" border (so +2") (see size chart above)
  • Print sizes for images on an all white background (i.e. Monopoly) don't have borders so they have one size that is the paper size.


Sizes and Editions 2:3

15x10 image on 12x18 paper - 250 Editions

14x21 image on 16x24 paper - 100 Editions

16x24 image on 20x28 paper - 100 Editions

24x36 image on 28x40 paper - 50 Editions

30x45 image on 34x49 paper - 50 Editions

Sizes and Editions 4:3

13.33x10 image on 16x12 paper - 250 Editions

20x15 image on 24x19 paper - 100 Editions

28x21 image on 32x25 paper - 100 Editions

36x27 image on 40x31 paper - 50 Editions

40x30 image on 44x34 paper - 50 Editions

48x36 image on 52x40 paper - 50 Editions

Sizes and Editions 4:5

9x11.25 image on 11x14 paper - 250 Editions

14x17.5 image on 16x20 paper - 100 Editions

18x22.5 image on 20x24 paper - 100 Editions

28x35 image on 32x39 paper - 50 Editions

32x40 image on 36x44 paper - 50 Editions

Q: Do you offer framing?

A: All prints are sold unframed, with one exception, I do offer professional framing for the 10x10/12X12 prints only.

SHOP ART PRINTS > Select the Print you want to order > Select the pull down menu to select the size, and here you can select 10x10 FRAMED IN BLACK or 10x10 FRAMED IN WHITE. 

For all other sizes: If you are in Toronto, send me a note and we can put you in touch with our preferred professional framer.


Q: What kind of framing do you recommend?

A: I recommend having your prints professionally framed in a black or white shadow box frame. In most cases, my prints have a 2" white border, so a mat isn't necessary (see examples below). Make sure to give your framer the paper sizes in the SIZE CHART ABOVE. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity so make sure to have your framer mount it on the outside back.


Q: What kind of framing do you recommend for original paintings? 

A: My original paintings have a 1.5" profile/sides and they are painted so they don't require framing but it does finish the look nicely. If you choose to frame your painting, I like to recommend a simple black or white floating frame, or a frame colour that suits the art piece. I encourage you to ask your professional framer about these and other options and see what they might recommend.

Example of Jackie Kennedy painting framed     Example of a painting framed


Q: What happens once I have placed my order?

A: We are proud to say that all MICHELLE VELLA LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are made-to-order exclusively at our professional fine art printers in Toronto.

Each print is professionally printed with the highest quality archival paper and ink, hand signed and numbered by Michelle, then packaged securely for safe delivery.

Production can take up to 2 weeks plus shipping, small 10x10 unframed prints usually ship within a week.

You will receive an email notification with a tracking number when your package ships.

If you need your print for a special occasion, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Q? Do you offer Custom Commission Paintings?

A: Yes I do but only a limited number a year so make sure to email me at info@michellevella.com and submit your request. Tell me the subject, preferred size, and where you are located. We can set up a call to discuss. Visit my CUSTOM COMMISSIONS page to learn more.