Special Offer: Buy 1 (8x8 or 12x12) and Get a 2nd in the same size at Half Price

Introducing HD sublimation Metal Prints, they are as vibrant as they are durable. Using the latest printing technology equipped with fluorescent ink, your chosen artwork will pop with an extraordinary depth of color and crisp detail.

Crafted with advanced thermal sublimation techniques and robust aluminum, these prints are designed to last. Displayed in a sleek floating frame, black or white, each piece offers a modern touch to any space.

Not only are these prints striking and contemporary, but they also boast scratch resistance and easy maintenance. The lightweight, rigid aluminum framed print is simple to install and the waterproof ChromaLuxe surface cleans effortlessly with just a damp cloth.

Offering 6 sizes, framed in limited editions of only 50. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and the shipping is free.

I believe these vibrant, durable prints would be a perfect addition to your collection, enhancing your space with their quality and ease. Let's elevate your art experience together!

*Please note that the product images are digital mockups of an HD Metal Print, designed to impersonate the reflective glossy surface.