Artful Living: Your Exclusive Look Inside Client Homes


Art in Homes

Join me, Michelle, on a personal tour through the beautiful spaces where my art has found a new home. Discover the stories they tell...

I've been gathering some photos of how my art pieces have settled into the homes of my lovely clients, and I just had to share the joy.

Seeing 'Alfie the Highland Cow' bringing a touch of charm to a rustic farmhouse setting or 'Audrey in Black & White' adding a sophisticated flair to a Florida home is quite the sight. It's heartwarming to see each artwork truly become part of a family's daily life.

There's something special about the way 'The Beatles, Get Back' original painting can turn a simple room into a lively sanctuary of music and memories. And yes, 'Churchill' and "Lucy Loves Vitameatavegamin' in the bathroom is proving that a little humor in art can go a long way, even in the most unexpected places like a bathroom.

The brightness of 'Dolly Parton' now lights up a modern living space, while 'Einstein' seems to quietly muse in the corner of a quaint cottage. In the Home Theatre, art meets film to create a cultured ambiance that’s hard to beat.

The Iris and Jackie prints now adorns a wall with its understated elegance, setting a welcoming tone. And 'Twiggy' in the entryway, she's the perfect first hello with her timeless grace.

Lastly, the 'Pop Genius, Andy Warhol' has found its spot in an elegant living room, where it continues to make a statement just as bold as the day it was painted.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see these pieces not just as art, but as part of someone’s home and heart. I hope you enjoy seeing these glimpses as much as I enjoy sharing them.

If you have some photos you wish to share, please email me at

Warmly, Michelle