What a thrill to be personally invited to the DVF fashion show by Diane herself. This was my first major fashion show ever and being that it was a NYFW show couldn't get any better. 


I arrive and as I get out of my cab, there are photographers everywhere taking photos of everyone crossing the street, I felt like a celebrity and had to laugh at myself. There was a crowd at the entrance and it started to rain. Luckily for me on of DVF's girls came out and pointed at a few of us to come in and whisked us in the elevator to the 6th floor of SPRING STUDIOS. 

There I saw groups of photographers and journalists huddled around different celebrities taking their pictures and interviewing them. To my surprise I was seated a few rows behind Kate Upton, Malin Ackerman, Karolina Kurkov, Hailey Clauson, Nicki Hilton and even The Weekend whose music played during the show. It was thrilling but then the show started and wow. Karlie Kloss opens the show and behind her is Lineisy Montero, so excited for her, then Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner to name a few. It was a lot faster than I imagined, but it was 15 minutes of high energy, beauty and fashion. Seeing Diane von Furstenberg walk out to greet her friends and fans with such grace and confidence was inspiring. She is such a positive energy.

After the show I took the back stairs exit and found myself in the back alley where Diane was leaving and the models getting to their cars. To my surprise Karlie Kloss came around the corner and said “I love your bag”,  so fun considering she is the face of the DVF Secret Agent bag. Then Lineisy Montero ran passed me as she was being rushed to her next show, but as soon as she knew it was me she stopped to dig her phone out of her bag to get a selfie of the two of us. I couldn't have been more flattered.

I didn't want this day to end. I am so grateful to Diane for inviting me into her world of fashion for the afternoon. Thank you.