Michelle Vella Meets with Diane von Furstenberg at DVF in NYC - Sept 10, 2015

In July of this year, I posted a portrait of Diane von Furstenberg on my Instagram and to my surprise, Diane saw it, started following me and asked for the portrait as part of her collection.  With that we arranged to meet while I was in New York for Fashion Week with W Magazine and I personally delivered the portrait to her.

Diane was as wonderful as I imagined. Embracing me with a hug and taking a close look at my portrait and my portfolio. She presented a gift to me which turned out to be her wonderful DVF Secret Agent bag, I couldn't believe it. She then took my hand to get photos of the two of us in her office which was spectacularly decorated with hot pink walls and fabulous art. At this point Diane turned to me and asked if I was coming to her show... well you can imagine my answer.

She introduced me to her marketing team and social media director who followed up with featuring me on their WORLD OF DVF blog (see my next blog post for details).

Her assistant that has been with her for many years was so kind as was everyone that I met at DVF.

What an incredible day, I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you Diane.