New Breakfast at Tiffany's Series & Audrey Hepburn Collection

I’m so excited to reveal my Audrey Series in Limited Edition Print that is a part of my Audrey Hepburn Collection. I have added a Breakfast at Tiffany's Series with 4 new portraits of Audrey as Holly Golightly, she's deliciously eccentric wearing Givenchy in spring colours.

“Audrey is one of my favourites to paint, a film and fashion icon, a true legend. My affinity for nostalgic pop culture is the inspiration behind my art. It brings back a connection to fun times and happy memories that makes me smile and my biggest hope is that it makes you smile too.”

Michelle Vella’s is known for her distinctive and whimsical "Big Eyes" with collectors world wide, featured in The Washington Post, Harper's BAZAAR, CNN Style, and more. Her Audrey Hepburn Collection of Limited Edition Prints, has several sizes to choose from, all hand signed and numbered accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Get your favourites now before they run out.