New Print Release! Elton John, Honky Cat

The original sold but I'm delighted to share my latest painting of Elton John, Honky Cat in Limited Edition Print. I offer my prints in a few sizes, all in limited numbers, hand signed and numbered by me, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

When painting this new version of Elton, I was determined to create something unique and different from my first portrait yet I wanted them to look great together as a pair in case collectors wanted both. It was challenging at first, researching many photos and videos, then finding the best combination to get the right look. His outfit was inspired by his feathered bird costume and in my first attempt, I referenced a photo but then wiped it out and painted from my imagination, letting the creativity flow making it so much more fun. I'm so pleased with how he turned out and hope you enjoy him just as much. For me, he's fun, happy and colourful, everything Elton John, triggering happy memories and a smile.

Smile everyday, Michelle

Smalls Available in Black or White Frames