New! The Dazzling Showman


The Dazzling Showman

I'm thrilled to present my latest painting, a vibrant and lively tribute to the iconic Liberace, titled “The Dazzling Showman” This piece captures the flamboyant spirit and dazzling charm that made Liberace a legend.
I aimed to showcase Liberace's signature style with intricate details and a touch of his extravagant flair. From the dazzling candelabras to his glittering rings, every element is designed to celebrate his larger-than-life persona.

Now Available


I'm also excited to announce the release of my latest work in limited edition print. These prints are printed with the highest quality archival ink and paper to ensure that every detail of the original painting is preserved. They are hand signed and numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity.


The original painting is painted with acrylic on a 36"x36" canvas, I will be adding Swarovski crystals to enhance his charm. If you're interested or have any questions, please reply to this email.