Suzanne Rogers Presents Diane von Furstenberg

Meeting once again, Fashion Designer, Diane von Furstenberg

May 2017

Suzanne Rogers Presents fashion fundraiser presents Diane von Furstenberg. Jeanne Beker hosted an intimate conversation between iconic designer von Furstenberg and Vogue contributor André Leon Talley as they discussed Furstenberg's journey through the business of fashion, her life as a humanitarian and her devotion to emerging fashion talent.

Toronto artist Michelle Vella, whom Diane von Furstenberg discovered on instagram in 2015, meet again. Vella was commissioned by Rogers to paint host Jeanne Beker, who loved the portrait, posting on her instagram. 

Michelle poses with philanthropist and co-host Sylvia Mantella, after purchasing Vella's hand painted Italian tote bag by Caterina Bidini.