Winner of the Oscar Contest Giveaway 2020

I'm very pleased to announce the Winner of the Oscar Contest Giveaway 2020. 

The first entry to guess the most of 7 Oscar winners correctly. The winner, guessing 6 of 7 correctly, and the second entry received… 

The Oscar Giveaway goes to @jvalentine3 Julie Valentine ⭐⭐⭐ Congratulations! 

Thanks to everyone for playing, tagging friends and making my first Giveaway so fun. BTW, No one guessed all 7 correct, but many of you guessed 6 of 7 correct. Wish I could give everyone a prize and I hope you had fun and will participate again next year. 

⭐Oscar winners for 2020

1. Best Picture



2. Lead Actor

⭐Joaquin Phoenix



3. Lead Actress

⭐Renee Zellweger



4. Supporting Actor

⭐Brad Pitt

⭐“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


5. Supporting Actress 

⭐Laura Dern

⭐“Marriage Story”


6. Director 

⭐Bong Joon Ho



7. Original Song 

⭐“I’m Gonna Love Me Again” 



Winner can claim their prize by DM the print of their choice. The unframed print will be shipped via Free Expedited Post. Disclaimer: The actors, directors, songs, movies or members of the academy mentioned are in no way endorsing this contest or @michellevellart