Introducing Michelle Vella's Limited-Edition Luxury Acrylic Glass Facemounts with Mesmerizing Brilliance.

Each piece is part of an ultra-exclusive run of just 50, accompanied by a Michelle Vella Certificate of Authenticity to ensure its uniqueness and value. Your artwork is safeguarded in robust packaging designed for secure, risk-free shipping.

Experience an unparalleled visual feast with our Archival Glossy Paper, which is elegantly fused to a luminous 1/8-inch-thick layer of Acrylic Glass. This premium composition not only amplifies color depth but also breathes life into every intricate detail.

Each masterful creation is mounted on a 1/8-inch (3mm) Sintra Board, renowned for its archival-quality, UV and chemical resistance. Despite its lightweight construction, this durable board is designed to stand the test of time, preserving the integrity of your artwork for generations to come.