Exclusive New Release: Platinum Seductress, Only 25 Editions

The Platinum Seductress

For the first time, I am releasing only 25 editions in each print size, making this an exclusive print that will be available for a limited time so make sure to get yours now.
This portrait painting of Marilyn Monroe, directly inspired by Alfred Eisenstaedt's 1953 photo "Seductive Marilyn, Hollywood, California," represents a distinct shift from my usual artistic style. Although I maintained my signature approach of painting large, expressive eyes, I adhered closely to the original photo's essence to meet the client's desires. The client, a dedicated Marilyn enthusiast, insisted on a faithful rendition, capturing the iconic allure and magnetic charm that Eisenstaedt immortalized. The result is a striking homage to Monroe, blending my unique artistic expression with the timeless beauty of the original photograph.
Warm regards,
Michelle Vella
The original, painted with acrylic on a 24"x24" canvas was commissioned by a collector in Los Angeles, California.


This exclusive release is available for a limited time and I am offering only 25 editions in each size. These prints are printed with the highest quality archival ink and paper to ensure that every detail of the original painting is preserved. They are hand signed and numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity.


Only 25 Editions
$300  10x10 on 12x12 Paper
$475 12x12 Print Framed in Black or White
$450  16x16 on 20x20 Paper
$650  20x20 on 24x24 Paper
$895  30x30 on 34x34 Paper
$1200  36x36 on 40x40 Paper