Zoom Pop art portrait painting of the classic Malibu Barbie wearing a blue bathing suit on a pink background with 1971 painted in big letters

My Malibu Doll, Limited Edition Print


Limited Edition Giclée Print on Hot Press Bright Fine Art Paper

  • 100% archival ink and paper

  • Each print is hand signed and numbered

  • Comes with a Michelle Vella Certificate of Authenticity card

Sizes and Editions 3:4

10x13.33 image on 12x16 paper - 250 Editions

15x20 image on 19x24 paper - 250 Editions

21x28 image on 25x32 paper - 100 Editions 

27x36 image on 31x40 paper - 50 Editions

30x40 image on 34x44 paper - 50 Editions

36x48 image on 40x52 paper - 50 Editions